Vineyard Policies

At William Heritage Winery, we enjoy welcoming and hosting our wine club members, other returning customers, and new visitors alike. In order to continue to provide you and your friends with the best wine tasting experience and the level of customer service you expect from William heritage Winery, we have updated our policies so that your visit with us is enjoyable. 

  • William Heritage Winery will no longer accept large groups (6 or more) or parties. Often times, large groups create a negative impact on other guests due to overcrowding.
  • Buses and limousines are welcome Monday through Thursday at any time during our normal business hours with advance reservations. 
  • No buses or limousines will be accepted on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Like many of the wineries in our area, we want to reduce over-crowding in our Tasting Room, and to provide a wonderful experience for all guests.
  • We do not host birthday parties, showers or other social events.
  • No outside food is permitted. We offer a very nice tapas menu as well as a wonderful selection of cheeses and crackers.
  • In accordance with the New Jersey Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, NO alcohol other than William Heritage wine may be consumed anywhere on our property.
  • Guests are not able to push tables and chairs together.
  • William Heritage Winery and other local wineries are not bars. We are designed to introduce guests to our wines and offer a wine experience, through tastings and tours. Our goal is to offer guests a relaxed wine-focused environment.
  • Weekends and Holidays are busy days at the winery. Staff members are striving to serve everyone equally and ensure a quality wine experience. 
  • Policies are subject to change at our own discretion to ensure the best possible wine experience for all patrons.
  • Please contact us with any questions.

Professional Photography Policy

Photography is permitted on the property. However, guests must make reservations with us prior to arriving on property for photo shoots. There is a one-time fee for use of the winery and grounds. Please call well in advance in order to make other arrangements if your desired date and time are not available. Photos may be taken between the hours of 10AM and 5:00PM. Times are subject to availability based on winery and events. You are limited to fifteen people in your group (including those taking the pictures).

Sessions must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance.

Locations fees: $100 per session Monday-Thursday or $200 per session on weekends. Note: locations fees are assessed per session, not per photographer.

Sessions are scheduled by the hour; running over the time limit will initiate a second session fee.

Photographers and their clients must comply with all vineyard rules. Failure to comply with rules will result in expulsion from the property.

Photography for magazines, catalogs, publications, advertising, weddings or any other unlisted category, including videography, must contact Amy for scheduling and pre-payment for your session will be taken over the phone.

You must park your car and walk to the various locations.

Cancellation within 24 hours of your set time will result in 50% of your fee forfeited.

Thank you for considering Heritage Vineyards as a backdrop for your photos.